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Gourmet food: original and fine recipes with chocolate

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Chocolate is obtained by processing the seeds of the cacao plant, which are contained in its fruit or pod. 
This process produces chocolate liquor or cocoa paste, the raw material from which top quality crafted chocolate is made.

The cacao plant has ancient origins and the earliest chocolate production known to man dates back to the Maya civilization, when it was consumed as a drink during the most important ceremonies, aromatized with chilli pepper and other spices.  

In the course of its long history, a number of famous people, such as Marie Antoinette of France, Voltaire and Mozart have been extremely fond of chocolate.  

Today, alongside enthusiasts and foodies, starred chefs also consider chocolate to be an essential ingredient and a source of inspiration for creating some amazingly delicious desserts.  

However, chocolate is also a simple pleasure for enjoying on its own, especially during the Christmas season, when it’s nice to hand round some chocolates to our guests or make welcome gifts to our friends.