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Chestnuts, the fascinating story of a special fruit

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When one thinks of chestnuts, it inevitably brings to mind an enjoyable walk in the woods, the scent of new wine and chatting with friends around the fireplace.

But chestnuts are also an important nut with a long history. In Alpine countries they were called "mountain bread" for their nutritional value, and since the XVI century, chestnuts were widespread streetfood throughout Europe.

Today, in Italian cuisine as well as many others, they are a very elegant ingredient that is suitable for the preparation of sweet and savory recipes, from the most sought after and appreciated by the most demanding foodie, to those inspired by the traditional cuisine of Italian "peasants".

For example, in all the regions through which the Apennines cross, an old and delicious recipe is very popular: castagnaccio. This dessert is prepared by creating a base of chestnut flour, water and oil, but in each region it is enriched with a touch of unique style through the addition of raisins, pine nuts and rosemary or orange peel and dried fruit.

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