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Developing circularity in packaging
Developing circularity in packaging mobile

Developing circularity in packaging

Our commitment to a circular economy for packaging.

The packaging we use ensures we can bring you the unique taste and qualities of S.Pellegrino natural mineral water and Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling Drinks in perfect condition every time. From glass and plastic bottles to cans and multipacks, we are on a journey of innovation to continuously reduce our packaging components and increase the use of recycled materials. In every market where local regulations make it possible, this is what we do, with the goal of creating a circular economy, for the planet and the people of tomorrow.

Reducing packaging and increasing recycling

We believe a bottle or can is only waste if you waste the chance to recycle it. That’s why all of our packaging is recyclable*. And since we believe in a system in which nothing is lost and everything is transformed, we are committed to using 50% recycled PET (rPET) by 2025** with the ambition to reduce the usage of mineral oil based virgin PET. What’s more, we are continuously working to design lighter packaging and reduce unnecessary elements. This way, we not only consume fewer materials, but also reduce CO2 emissions.

* in countries with recycling systems in place
** wherever local legislation allows

Reducing packaging and increasing recycling

S.Pellegrino water recycled packaging

We are currently using 30% rPET on a worldwide average and we are committed to achieving 50% rPET across the whole range by 2025*. We’re taking the same approach for our plastic overwrap, most of which currently includes 50% recycled material. Thanks to our rPET roadmap, in 2022 we reduced the use of virgin plastic use by 5,400 tons, and by 2025 this reduction will reach almost 17,000 tons*. We are working with our suppliers to increase the recycled content in our cans, which is currently around 60%, while for glass bottles the figure is up to 70%.



* wherever local legislation allows

Recycling infographic

Italian Sparkling Drinks recycled packaging

We use around 60% recycled aluminium in all of our cans* globally. In 2022, we began using 50% recycled polyethylene in our plastic films, gradually increasing it from 25%, with the objective of doubling the recycled content in all our films. In addition to our efforts to increase recycled materials in our packaging, we are also working to reduce secondary packaging and lighten our packaging whenever possible.


* Exact percentage depends on suppliers: 60% is the current estimated average.

Infographic on packaging reduction

We are using returnable bottles

The benefits of recycling and re-reuse apply not only to private individuals, but also to businesses and restaurants. In fact, in some European countries we have put in place a “returnable” system, allowing bottles used in restaurants to be sent back to our factory, travelling in 100% recycled plastic cases. They are then washed and sanitized, ready to be re-used.

We are promoting re-use