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Cocktail Recipes & Italian Food

Italian recipes to enhance your tasty time-outs

The wide and varied menu of Italian Sparkling Drinks produced by Sanpellegrino presents all kinds of outstanding food pairing possibilities. For those who are hungry to explore a world of authentic Italian recipes to accompany our high-quality sparkling drinks, these specialties will take you on an unforgettable journey around the unique tastes of Italy. Featuring a creative combination of Italian traditions mixed with innovative techniques and the best ingredients, they will transform your cocktail hour or light lunch into a stylish and delightful moment. 

Saltimbocca Recipe

Saltimbocca alla romana

This popular dish follows the authentic saltimbocca recipe from Rome and is super easy to make, so you have no excuse when friends or family pop over for lunch!

Pasta Frittata Recipe

Pasta frittata

In this pasta frittata recipe, soft spaghetti pasta combines with creamy, cheesy eggs, crunchy bits of bacon which are then cooked together until crispy all over.

Pani Ca Meusa

Pani ca meusa

With its strong, rich flavours, this Sicilian spleen sandwich is not for the fainthearted, but once you get a taste of it, you will undoubtedly crave for more.

Italian Spinach Pie

Italian spinach pie

Called Torta Pasqualina in Italian, this popular recipe involves several steps but the results are worth it, as you'll discover when you cut into the first slice!

Bombetta Pugliese Recipe Post

Bombetta pugliese

With just a few ingredients these delicious "little bombs" are simplicity at its best: meat rolls stuffed with melted cheese and pancetta. Find out how to make them!

Risi E Bisi

Risi e bisi

Requiring very few ingredients, this pea and rice dish from Veneto is neither risotto nor soup! It's easy to make and great for when you want to stay light.

Octopus Carpaccio

Octopus carpaccio

Italian-style octopus carpaccio involves thin slices of cooked octopus with a citrus vinaigrette dressing: an impressive dish that's easier than you think to make.

Italian Stromboli Recipe

Italian Stromboli

Stromboli is like the rolled-up cousin of pizza – it's easy to eat with your hands and makes for a great shared appetizer. Plus, one recipe can feed a crowd!