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Cocktail Recipes & Italian Food


Italian recipes to enhance your tasty time-outs

The wide and varied menu of Italian Sparkling Drinks produced by Sanpellegrino presents all kinds of outstanding food pairing possibilities. For those who are hungry to explore a world of authentic Italian food recipes to accompany our high-quality sparkling drinks, these specialties will take you on an unforgettable journey around the unique tastes of Italy. Featuring a creative combination of Italian traditions mixed with innovative techniques and the best ingredients, they will transform your cocktail hour or light lunch into a stylish and delightful moment. 

This recipe with buffalo mozzarella is destined to become your new favourite sandwich

Alici nella meraviglia

Savoury, oil-preserved anchovies add richness to delicate artichoke hearts and milky mozzarella in a Sicilian muffoletta bread bun for a simple, hearty meal.

The original Arancini alla Norma recipe

Arancini alla Norma

These cheesy, deep-fried Sicilian rice balls have everything you can hope for in a snack: they are portable, can be made in advance, and are utterly satisfying.

Arancini di riso recipe

Arancini di riso

Filled with rice, saffron and meat ragù then fried in extra virgin olive oil, and covered in a golden and crunchy breading, these arancini are irresistible!

Bombetta Pugliese

Bombetta Pugliese

With just a few ingredients these delicious "little bombs" are simplicity at its best: meat rolls stuffed with melted cheese and pancetta. Find out how to make them!

Bread and panelle recipe

Bread and Panelle

Among the tastiest of Sicily's street food masterpieces, panelle are simply chickpea fritters in a mafalda roll - a Sicilian bread with sesame seeds.


Bread roll filled with Porchetta

Satisfying, gutsy and packed with flavour, here’s presenting the porchetta-filled bread roll. A crisp outer wrapping of oven-fresh bread containing a filling of tender, succulent and extremely tasty pork, flavoured with spices and herbs.

Bresaola roulades on a plate

Bresaola roulades

These bresaola roulades with goat cheese and citrus are very delicate and easy to prepare, making them a fantastic finger food for your cocktail parties.

Bruschetta with ripen tomatoes and mozzarella recipe


Every Italian region has its own bruschetta recipe, but they all start with crunchy bread, extra virgin olive oil and salt, and a variety of delicious ingredients.