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Theatre is an Italian icon. Enjoy this experience with S.Pellegrino

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Some prefer drama, while others are fond of opera or ballet, but there is no doubt about it: we Italians love the theatre, so much so that it can be considered an authentic Italian icon.

Theatre is an Italian icon partly owing to a long love story between this art form and Italian people, one which has its roots Magna Graecia, continued throughout Ancient Roman times and evolved down through the centuries in many different forms to the present day. On the other hand, some of the most famous and beautiful theatres in the world are to be found in Italy: from the San Carlo theatre in Naples to La Scala in Milan.

To meet up with friends and enjoy a theatre performance together is one of the ways we Italians love to spend our time, because this is an experience that unites two things we are particularly fond of: art and sharing.

An evening out at the theatre is a celebration of beauty and contacts with other people: with those we love and spend time with, but also with the actors, dancers and opera singers on the stage.