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Sanpellegrino Signature Cocktail Recipes by Mattia Pastori


Signature cocktails with Italian Sparkling Drinks

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Thanks to the careful selection of only the highest-quality Mediterranean fruits, herbs and spices, Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling Drinks are the perfect starting point for creating a wide variety of delicious cocktails and mocktails.

To demonstrate their quality and versatility, Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling Drinks is proud to present a set of signature cocktail recipes created by award-winning mixologist Mattia Pastori, all built around the authentic flavours of Sanpellegrino fruit drinks and mixers.

From the thirst-quenching citrusy bouquet of the Sanpellegrino Smash to the sophisticated oaky notes of the Sanpellegrino Wood Collins, here you'll find the perfect cocktail for a variety of different occasions. The light and elegant Sanpellegrino Garibaldi and the refreshing Sanpellegrino Citrus Fizz are both ideal for an appetising pre-dinner aperitif, whereas for an after-dinner reward, you might prefer the intense aromas of the Sanpellegrino Americano.

Meanwhile, the tang of lime and grapefruit in the Sanpellegrino Paloma - a fresh take on the classic tequila-based cocktail - makes it ideal for a delicious moment of fruit-flavoured evening relaxation. Rounding off the collection are the spicy embrace of the Sanpellegrino Mule and the spectacular Sanpellegrino Blood & Sand, which gets its distinctive colour and citrus notes from the juicy oranges and blood oranges of Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa.

In each case, the finely crafted flavours of Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling Drinks combined with the creativity and expertise of Mattia Pastori ensure a top drinking experience. Try these superb signature cocktails for yourself and discover a world of sparkling possibilities.