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S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 Here Are The 20 Chef Designer Pairs


S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015: here are the 20 Chef/Designer Pairs

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The names of the 20 emerging designers selected by Vogue Italia to pair up with the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 finalists have finally been announced. Each designer will reinterpret the work of their team-mate through a fashion creation inspired by the chef’s dish, in an unprecedented fusion of fine food and style. 

The finalist chefs will be mentored by a master chef from their own geographical area, who will guide them through the demanding task of honing and perfecting their signature dish to claim the first prize. The Grand Final of the global talent search launched by S.Pellegrino will be held the 26 of June during Expo Milano 2015. In the occasion the best couple chef/designer will be awarded too.

Here below you find the names of the creative couples. Their portraits are available on

ITALY - Chef: Paolo Griffa; Designer: Vivetta

FRANCE - Chef: Paul Feybesse; Designer: Maison Père Camille Omerin

GERMANY-AUSTRIA - Chef: Tobias Wussler; Designer: Arthur Arbesser

SWITZERLAND - Chef: Martin Elschner; Designer: Portenier Roth

SPAIN-PORTUGAL - Chef: David Andrés Morera; Designer: Moises Nieto

UK-IRELAND - Chef: Mark Moriarty; Designer: Kirsty Ward

RUSSIA/BALTICS/CIS (EX SOVIET UNION) - Chef: Eldar Muradov; Designer: Anton Belinskiy

SCANDINAVIA (NORWAY/SWEDEN/FINLAND/DENMARK) - Chef: Christian André Pettersen; Designer: Altewai Saome

EAST EUROPE - Chef: Stefan Barca; Designer: Dora Abodi

BENELUX - Chef: Alex Joseph; Designer: Hellen Van Rees

MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES - Chef: Alexandros Tsiotinis; Designer: Daizy Shely

USA - Chef: Vinson Petrillo; Designer: A Morir

CANADA - Chef: Paul Moran; Designer CG Chris Gelinas

AFRICA-MIDDLE EAST - Chef: Angelo Scirocco; Designer: Ashi Studio

LATIN AMERICA / CARIBBEANChef: Maria José Jordan; Designer: Paula Cademartori

PACIFIC (AUSTRALIA/NZ/PACIFIC ISLANDS) - Chef: Peter Gunn; Designer: Christopher Esber

CHINA - Chef: Zhu Wenyuan; Designer: Xiao Li

JAPAN - Chef: Ryoma Shida; Designer: Yasutoshi Ezumi

NORTHERN-EAST ASIA - Chef: Jinyong Park; Designer: Miuniku

SOUTH-EAST ASIA - Chef: Kirk Westaway; Designer: Ken Samudio