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S.Pellegrino Invites Foodies Around The World


S.Pellegrino invites Foodies around the world

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“Are You a Real Foodie?” S.Pellegrino asks the question and launches the first digital platform where food lovers around the world will be able to share their favorite dishes. To take a seat at the S.Pellegrino Infinite Table, users will just need to create a personal profile on the website and upload the picture of a beloved dish ─ either personally cooked or from a restaurant or a friend’s kitchen. The dish (and the personal profile) will then be visible on a virtual dining table setting and users will be able to scroll to cross the world and explore regional specialties and haute-cuisine delicacies posted by all other guests.

Each foodie will be able to browse through other dishes from around the globe and will also have a chance to become “friend” with chefs and international culinary celebrities, who will then be seated at the same table. 

The chefs participating in the S.Pellegrino Infinite Table will provide exclusive content for the community – recipes, tips and personal notes – which foodies will access as they add other dishes on their own profile: the more dishes shared with the community, the greater their access to the chefs’ “premium” contents.

Over the next months, contests and special initiatives will be activeted linked to the Infinite Table depending on the Countries. An exciting work in progress to virtually bring worldwide foodies and chefs to the same table thanks to a common passion and thanks to S.Pellegrino!