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Herbs for company

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Hydroculture is the technique of growing plants in a soil-less medium: in fact, the plant nutrients are dissolved in the water where the plants are placed in special containers. This offers a new way of growing vegetables in particular environments and geographical areas, such as vertical or urban gardens.

In this case, hydroculture is used to create a special garden of aromatic herbs. A composition that recalls the Shitakusa and Kusamono: bonsai which are created by growing perennial herbs in special containers. The term Shitakusa means “companion plants” and represents a very ancient art in which herbs are cultivated for long periods until they reach the right shape and size; in some cases, they are also flanked by moss and small plants to form splendid arrangements

This arrangement, placed in a niche and lit with a special light, is an authentic living installation in which the characteristics of each herb is enhanced: the shape and size of its leaves, its colour and, of course, its perfume.