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Grape harvesting?
A night-time occupation

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Grape harvesting is always a feast for the eyes and, traditionally, an event to celebrate. Now, imagine all of this taking place in the moonlight rather than under a scorching sun...

This is exactly what happens in August at Contessa Entellina in Sicily, when it is time to pick the Chardonnay grapes used to make the eponymous wine. In this part of the world, in fact, daytime temperatures can even exceed 35 °C. So, night-time harvesting – when the air is decidedly cooler – prevents the grapes from starting to ferment while being carried to the cellars, which would result in a loss of those aromas so precious to the winemaking process.

So, in a moonlight bathed landscape, row by row, the vineyards are lit up by the lamps of grape harvesting machines. A truly evocative sight which wine enthusiasts in particular are sure to appreciate.

See for yourselves by watching this Fine Dining Lovers video.