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Italian Moments Of A Cold Winter Spent In Front Of The Fireplace


Winter Pairing: S.Pellegrino sparkling water and fireplace

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In winter, few situations seem as enticing as spending time next to a fireplace, sharing a special moment with friends.

Fireplaces are no longer limited to mountain chalets but are becoming objects of art that enhance the décor of urban homes.
Whether modern or retrò, they provide warmth (metaphorically and otherwise) to the environment and make it more welcoming for invited guests on cold winter days.

An Italian Style welcome, at any time of the day, distinctively features an offer of coffee accompanied by a glass of mineral water. The cool mineral taste of S.Pellegrino is a gift from nature that goes well with the intense aroma of Italian style espresso.

Whether as a brief break in the daily routine or for an afternoon spent with friends, in winter there is no better way to savour this typically Italian moment than in front of a lit fireplace with a bottle of S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water.