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Italian fine dining in exclusive restaurant for foodie couples


Dinner for two in a fine dining restaurant

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If you choose the right ambience, the right restaurant and a good table, dinner for two can be turned into a really unique way to share the Italian passion for good times, elegance and fine dining.

The Chef’s Table

The chef’s table is the hottest table for foodie couples and is becoming a must for the most elegant and exclusive.
This is an elite table, placed right near or directly in the kitchen so that the chef and his brigade are the ones waiting on the guests and introducing the menu.


Restaurants with Just One Table

They are exclusive, with few of them in the world, but the experience of having a restaurant and chef all to yourself is unique for all fans of fine dining. The direct relationship with the chef gives the couple an intimate experience and of being the centre of attention of the kitchen brigade, who will put all the passion that is usually reserved for big names in the world of food and wine.

S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water, the champagne of mineral waters, goes along with these extraordinary dining experiences and brings out the best in the tastiest dishes and aromas.