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Italian life style: aperitif & conviviality


The pleasure of conviviality during the aperitivo

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Live in Italian” also means not losing sight of the value of conviviality in everyday occasions.

In today's hectic times, it's not always easy to find time for the people we love.
It is also for this reason, especially in large cities, that the aperitif often replaces dinner as a convivial moment par excellence.
The aperitif is enjoyed because it is informal, flexible and can be adapted to the place, time and people who meet.

Fine Italian aperitif

But it is also an exciting experience for foodies. The Italian happy hour allows tasters to experience experimental pairings in refined fine dining settings or traditional Italian dishes, transformed into delicious smaller portions.

Italian aperitif: fine dining

In Italy, Milan is the city-symbol of the aperitif, but this cultured and cheerful fine living experience can be enjoyed all over the world: walking among the triumphs of tapas in Madrid, at the tables of Parisian bistros or on the coolest rooftop gardens in New York.