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Crostini with cannellini

The crostini with garlic and cannellini cream are easy to make, and thanks to their simple characteristics and simplicity, they are elegant nibbles to enrich a cocktail hour or a brunch with a delicate and unforgettable taste of land products.


200 gr of cannellini beans  
8 slices of homemade bread
1 branch of rosemary
2 slices of garlic
Lemon juice
Extra virgin Olive oil
Black pepper
Crostini with Cannellini beans recipe


The crostini with garlic and cannellini cream are a variant of the bruschetta, a popular hors d’oeuvre for Italian aperitivo, which traditionally presents good wines and delicious appetizers. In Italy the white and tender cannellino bean is cultivated in the town of Atina, in the hills of Latium. This small bean was the staple crop of peasants’ meals, and was traditionally seasoned with olive oil, salt and black pepper.

Today, thanks to its delicate flavor and its easy cooking methods, this product has become one of the land’s most versatile legumes for the making of soups and as a side dish for meat or fish. 



A voluptuous cream of cannellini spread on crispy toasted bread, the powerful aroma of garlic brings a final touch to this culinary masterpiece. The crostini of cannellini cream and garlic are little nuggets of flavor!


Remove the natural water from the beans and rinse them under cold water. Drain the beans and place them in a blender with the rosemary branch. Add a pinch of salt, a squirt of lemon juice and black pepper.

Mix the beans and add the olive oil to make a creamy mixture neither too thick nor too thin. Toast the bread on both sides. Rub the garlic on the surface of the crostini, spread the cannellini cream on top and serve. 


After soybeans, beans are the second most highly-consumed legumes on a world level. Thanks to their floury texture, the beans are well adapted for the making of creams.