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Pierfrancesco Favino avec S.Pellegrino


A short movie for the new S.Pellegrino ADV campaign

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S.Pellegrino launched worldwide a new international ADV campaign based on the claim “Practice The Art of Fine Food Every Time you Can” with an intriguing short movie shot in China starring Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino, directed by South African Antony Hoffman.

The new international communication campaign develops the S.Pellegrino “Live in Italian” concept using a contemporary scenario, in Shanghai. Here, the passion for food, conviviality, authenticity and a pinch of Italian creativity lead the protagonist to create an unexpected, extraordinary experience. 

"We wanted to spread a clear and direct idea: S.Pellegrino inspires everyone to experience the Italian art of living everywhere in the world” said Fabio Degli Esposti, Sanpellegrino International Business Unit Director.

“I never worked before in a commercial,” added Pierfrancesco Favino, “but the values represented worldwide by S.Pellegrino drove me to participate in the project: work, tradition, history and the ability to export a positive idea of Italy. I hope one day the same idea may be connected with me as well".