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S.Pellegrino presents “The Journey of Water” at Milan Design Week


S.Pellegrino presents “The Journey of Water” at Milan Design Week

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At Milan Design Week this year, held between April 17-22, S.Pellegrino presented its Design Limited Edition dedicated to the world of hospitality that celebrates "The Journey of Water". Milan Design Week is undoubtedly the most anticipated design industry appointment of the year. During this week-long event, the creative world flocks to Milan to see the best new furniture and lifestyle concepts from the globe's most talented designers.

For the occasion, S.Pellegrino took on the world-renowned Italian architect and talent scout Giulio Cappellini who personally selected and coordinated a group of international designers: Neri&Hu from China, Steven Haulenbeek from America and Philippe Nigro from France.

Each of them presented a personal interpretation of the iconic brand, focusing on a phase in the journey of the creation of water - Clouds, Earth and Bubbles, to create a label for the S.Pellegrino water bottle. From here, the idea of ​​an exciting installation dedicated to each phase also came to life.


The three designers presented a 360° view of each of their Design Limited Editions. Their creations were on display throughout the week at Superstudio Più, in the heart of the Tortona neighbourhood – one of the historical design districts of Milan Design Week known for exposing some of the most innovative designers of the world.

Here, visitors were able to get an overview of the meaning of the project "The Journey of Water": a journey that tells how everything starts from the clouds, where the water condenses and then falls in the form of rain, and enters the cavities of the earth before it rises in the springs. It is a 30-year journey that is completed the moment S.Pellegrino adds its carbonation – the bubbles – giving the water its unmistakable perlage.

S.Pellegrino presents “The Journey of Water” at Milan Design Week


On top of the installations, the special collaboration between S.Pellegrino and Giulio Cappellini was celebrated over a series of star studded dinners during the week. Three dinners, each dedicated to a phase in "The Journey of Water" took place at Cappellini Point in Milan.

"Sometimes the clouds can cover our view of the sky, other times like tonight we’ll find out tasty surprises hidden beneath the clouds" said chef Matias Perdomo of Contraste restaurant in Milan, as he presented his “Clouds” theme dinner to a special group of guests on Tuesday evening.

Chef Daniel Canzian of "Daniel", Milan, took over the following night with Steven Haulenbeek's “Earth” theme. "Earth is matter. Matter is substance. Earth is born, grows and takes its shape thanks to water. One equates and depends on the other" said chef Canzian, describing his process of creating his Earth dinner menu.

This was followed by chef Davide Oldani of restaurant "D'O” in Cornaredo, on Thursday evening, who took inspiration from “Bubbles” – the third and final phase in “The Journey of Water”. On his collaboration with S.Pellegrino, he spoke of contrast and harmony in cooking, that is "like the balance in respecting the bubbles with the right combination of beverage and food".

The Design Special Edition bottles presented at Milan Design Week will be available for limited periods during 2018 at the tables of the best restaurants in different countries around the world.

Find out more about the "The Journey of Water" project and the designers involved by Giulio Cappellini.