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S.Pellegrino Essenza, add a twist of fruit flavour

Discover S.Pellegrino Essenza, a twist of Mediterranean fruit flavours with the gentle bubbles of S.Pellegrino water.


Add a twist of fruit flavour

S.Pellegrino delights you with an exciting taste experience: S.Pellegrino Essenza. Vibrant blends of delicious fruit flavours to add the Italian touch of taste to your everyday moments.

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The signature sparkle

Essenza is specially crafted from S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water, famous for its perfect bubbles. Light and refreshing, with a twist that awaits you to discover.


The perfect partner

The perfect match for fine dining, S. Pellegrino Essenza adds a stylish, Italian touch of taste to meals.

Creative, aromatic blends

Savor the aroma of carefully selected Mediterranean fruits in a range of creative blends. A delightful flavour experience for all your senses.