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Sanpellegrino perfect pairing souffle


A perfect pairing #3

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Pasta with sardines is a typical Sicilian dish. The original version calls for the use of this common Mediterranean fish flavoured with wild fennel. This is why it is normally prepared in Spring and Summer, when both ingredients are easy to come by. However, whenever wild fennel is hard to find, parsley and capers can be used instead.

A dish to be enjoyed with a white wine that also comes from Sicily, the Contessa Entellina Ansonica DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin), produced exclusively in Palermo region where the scorching sun makes grapes perfect for this type of wine making.

This wine is of a straw yellow colour with a bouquet recalling the herbs of Mediterranean scrublands, the scent of yellow plums, citrus fruit and delicate floral notes. Despite being white, this wine has quite a high alcohol content (11.5%) and its fragrance, combined with its fresh taste, team up extremely well with Pasta and sardines.

Don’t miss the pairing of these flavours with the balanced structure of S.Pellegrino water.

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