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A perfect pairing #10: struffoli and Aleatico

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S.Pellegrino’s trip around Italian fine dining to discover ideal food pairings with typical Italian Christmas dishes now heads towards the southern end of the peninsula. Following panettone, we are going to talk about struffoli: a sweet widely prepared in Campania.

Struffoli are small deep-fried balls of dough aromatized with anisette, covered with warm honey and decorated with candied fruit and colourful sugar sprinkles and pearls.

The best way to transform this traditional dessert, which is highly conducive to conviviality, into a fine dining dish is to serve it with a wine from another south Italian region: Apulia.

Aleatico di Puglia passito is, in fact, a wine with an intense ruby red colour, characterised by an aromatic bouquet of subtle aromas featuring notes of ripe red berry fruit and dried flowers, as well as spicy notes and a sweet flavour.

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