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Pumpkins: not only at Halloween

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Round, oval-shaped or long, large or small but invariably colourful: we are used to seeing them as food and containers, ingredient and decorative element at the same time.

Each part of the pumpkin is edible: flowersseeds and pulp; the flowers are a summer treat whilst the pulp and seeds last throughout the winter, because pumpkins can be stored for lengthy periods, simply placed on a wood boards. They team up with many other ingredients to make an enormous quantity of sweet or savoury dishes

Of course, they are also one of the best known symbols of Halloween and the main ingredient of dishes consumed during this end of October celebration, but that's not all. When made into a smooth velvety soup, the flavour of pumpkin is an ideal way of giving a warming glow to those first rainy evenings of Autumn.

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