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Identità Golose 2013

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S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna announced plans to sponsor the Identità Golose 2013 event and conference which took place on the 10th February to the 12th February in Milan. The event’s theme was “Respect”.

The conference saw some of the world's greatest chefs descending upon Milan to share ideas, philosophy and kitchen discoveries.

During the event, the S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna’s stand served up some real culinary treats with Italians from a number of disciplines teaming up with chefs for some very unique performances. 

Chef Cristina Bowerman cooked her way through a fencing match with Italian fencing champion Diego Confalonieri on Sunday. On Monday, chef Lorenzo Cogo was accompanied by musician Roy Paci in a special music and cooking performance “Gastrofonia”. Tuesday saw chef Matias Perdomo, known for his caramelised onion and creative sugar blowing techniques, team up with world famous pastry chef Jordi Roca.

There were also be three secret recipes unveiled by chef Eugenio Boer, Viviana Varese and Andrea Aprea - with many in the audience given a chance to try this amazing food at the Milano Food and Wine festival.