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Grand Gelinaz! The world’s longest meal


Gelinaz! The world’s longest meal

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Gelinaz!, the unique experimental chef swap experience, is back this November and this time they plan to take over the world. The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle Two (2) on 10th  November 2016 will see 40 top international Chefs cook simultaneously across five continents in the world’s longest ever dinner.

The meal will take place over across multiple time zones in this one-off 24 hour S.Pellegrino sponsored event.

The unique adrenaline–filled and all round experimental restaurant shuffle has become the signature trademark of Gelinaz!, pushing culinary boundaries with a global mix–up of dozens of big-name chefs taking a leap of faith by swapping their kitchens, identities and lives.

Which countries are taking part?

17 countries, including Brazil, Russia, Australia and Japan are in the line–up for this year's event, which will put the top chefs to the test in new locations and kitchens, and with a new brigade and new ingredients, where they will be tasked with presenting unique 8-course dinners to a ticketed public. 

In the UK, the big night will happen in London with secret Chefs taking over the Black Axe Mangal and The Hedone restaurants.

Follow the Grand Gelinaz!

Tickets to the event have sold out already but don’t worry, you can still take part for free wherever you are with our dedicated Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle Two (2) social wall on Messages tagged #gelinaz from all over the world will appear on this wall for the duration of the 24 hour dinner.

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