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Gelinaz! 2014

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S.Pellegrino is happy to have been part of the huge surprise that took place recently for Wylie Dufresne in New York - a project organised by the international chef collective Gelinaz.

The event, which took over a year of planning, saw 29 of the world’s biggest chefs come together, convince Wylie Dufresne there had been a major electrical problem at his WD-50 restaurant and proceed to surprise him with a party in his honour. 

Once the lights were on and Wylie informed of why his colleagues from around the globe had just jumped from the darkness yelling ‘surprise’, guests sat down to sample a menu created by the chefs who had all got into groups to remix some of Wylie’s signature dishes.


This video captures some of the excitement from the night and also some great words from Wylie about how he felt when he eventually realised what was happening.

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