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Grapefruit, the fruit of paradise


Grapefruit has a fresh, perfect pairing: S.Pellegrino sparkling water

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The grapefruit is a hybrid between orange and pomelo, whose origin is uncertain.

It is certain, however, that grapefruit merits its scientific name: Citrus Paradisi, which means “fruit of paradise”.

Whether you like to eat your grapefruit with a spoon, or cut into segments, always keep a glass of S.Pellegrino beside you. The mineral notes of S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water are the perfect pairing for the strong and aromatic flavor of grapefruit. 

Thanks to the high percentage of juice contained in the fruit, grapefruit is perfect for creating sorbets, and its pulp is suitable for preparing delicious jams
But grapefruit is also suitable for savory and creative dishes: the yellow version can give a fragrant touch to dishes with white meat, while the pink one is perfect in combination with fish and shellfish.