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Learn to Mix Like Agostino Perrone


Learn to Mix Like Agostino Perrone

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For Moments to Savour, Mix Like an Italian

Agostino Perrone and The Connaught Bar team show us how they craft creations that are the result of collective inspiration, ideas and skills.

From Feels chapter of Impressions menu of The Connaught Bar, this is a creation in which familiar ingredients come together to deliver an unexpected taste experience: dark rum, banana peel infused rum, sherry, fermented apple, lemon peel and juice sherbet and oakwood tonic water. A perfectly balanced blend where oaky notes are softened by sweet and sour elements for a combination never tasted before.


Discover the recipe of Mystery of Simplicity - the cocktail of Agostino Perrone with our Sanpellegrino Oakwood tonic:

Mystery of Simplicity cocktail by Agostino Peroone

Are you ready to mix like an Italian at home? Try your hand at making Agostino’s cocktail using the recipe above. Remember to share your creations online using #mixlikeanitalian.