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Italian cuisine is also preparing and decorating dishes with mixed nuts

Mixed nuts in Italian Cuisine

Italy is the world’s second-leading producer of hazelnuts, but almondswalnutspistachios and peanuts are also grown in the same areas.

This geographic spread bears witness to the Italian passion for nuts, not just because they are rich in vitamins and minerals, but also because they are a great ingredient for preparing and enhancing many different dishes.

Toasted hazelnuts can be turned into a salad to make an elegant antipasto, giving it a gourmet touch; sliced almonds can provide crunch to a first course, and pistachios can be used to make a flavoursome breading.

Nuts are not just used on Italian tables to add a touch of style to everyday dishes; they are also a source of inspiration for some of Italy’s best-known chefs. Carlo Cracco is just one example: an excellent, whimsical interpreter of Italian cuisine, he combines hazelnut brittle with fish in his Half-Coocked Sea Beam on Hazelnut Crunch.


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