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Explore S.Pellegrino's Itineraries of Taste

S.Pellegrino Itineraries of Taste

Do you want to explore the world’s cities and their flavours? If so, get ready for a new exciting experience: S.Pellegrino brings you the inspirational Itineraries of Taste. An exclusive new guide where you can learn about new cities through flavours and tastes, discovering new recipes and curiosities one bite at time.

In each Itineraries of Taste guide you’ll discover lesser known places and delicacies, as well as cultural and art tips that will inspire you to travel with a fresh perspective.



Explore the exciting global kitchen that is London with its mind-blowing array of international cuisines and thriving street food scene. Stop in at Edinburgh to taste Scotland’s traditional dishes that are influenced both by a famous poet, the sea and Scandinavia. Discover the burgeoning café scene in Dublin and stop for a cheeky stout and some craic at one of its many pubs.

Discover how juniper berries, which flavour gin, are linked to witchcraft and the Egyptians. And learn what exactly makes English mustard so hellishly hot.


Walk the medieval streets in the heart of Brussels and discover the many international influences that have helped shape the cuisine of the city that is known as the “Capital of Europe”. Explore the vibrant port city that is Antwerp with its modern museums, fantastic beer, sausage and liqueurs.

Discover why the great Belgian surrealist René Magritte was so obsessed with apples, and how this led to Steve Jobs using the same fruit as the name and logo of his company. Learn the history behind mussels, the country’s most beloved dish, and how they should be enjoyed. Discover how a king, a pharmacist and some innovative technology made this small country the world’s first exporter of premium chocolate.

Make sure to visit Itineraries of Taste to explore many more countries and cities coming soon!


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