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A taste of what’s coming up this summer and beyond

S.Pellegrino Itineraries of Taste

An exclusive new guide to fine living from S.Pellegrino, will soon be at your service

Spring, with its abundance of colour and scent has given way to the heat of summer, ushering in a bounty of pleasures, from long, leisurely al fresco lunches, to festivals of fashion, music and art. It’s a season that lends itself perfectly to exploration. Yet for those with a nose for the more tasteful things in life (such as our sparkling mineral water), just like summer’s long, hazy days, the possibilities can seem endless. So, where to start? 


S.Pellegrino Itineraries of Taste

Let us show you the way

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have an exclusive guide to unique experiences across the globe? A place where all lovers of good living could go? Somewhere you could discover secret places, curiosities, beautiful design and original dishes, and a real community of like-minded individuals. Well, a new digital platform by S.Pellegrino, will soon be here to help you uncover the very best in art, design, culture, lifestyle, food and so much more. 

S.Pellegrino Itineraries of Taste

Somewhere for anyone with an eye for taste

Enter and explore a culture of flavours and conviviality. Unearth rare wonders. Learn about the most peculiar recipes and ingredients. Hear tales from other taste enthusiasts. Plus, discover what stylish secret spots around the UK our Influencers, Food Feels, Mondomulia, South Motion Style and The London Chatterer, have up their sleeves. Dip in for a whole world of inspiration, and come away with bitesize nuggets of gold, to fuel your adventures in the art of tasteful living.

S.Pellegrino Itineraries of Taste

Whether you’re a raging foodie, a hard-core fashionista, design aficionado or all of the above, our guide will soon be here to help you find a host of premium experiences, to delight your soul. So keep your style antennae finely tuned, and your eye for glamour peeled, for more surprises yet to come… 


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