The Project

The Project

  • For the first time ever, S.Pellegrino brings unique pieces of design to the tables of the finest restaurants in the world with a Design Special Edition that celebrates “The Journey of Water”.

    A group of international designers, led by the Italian Architect Giulio Cappellini, created 3 special limited edition labels, each bringing on their own interpretation of the brand’s century-old heritage that has seen the water become an Italian icon recognized all over the globe.

    S.Pellegrino limited edition glass water bottle

    Cappellini, well known for his ability to scout the freshest and best international talent, personally selected the designers Neri&Hu, Steven Haulenbeek and Philippe Nigro for the project. Together, they explore the different steps of S.Pellegrino’s "Journey of Water", represented by Clouds, Earth and Bubbles.

    Neri&Hu start from the very beginning of "The Journey of Water", in the clouds, where water condensates, then falls as rain. From here, Steven Haulenbeek looks deep into the earth where fallen rainwater is filtered through the ground for an extraordinary 30-year journey, all the while it is enriched with minerals from the earth’s natural rocks. Philippe Nigro takes on the final step after the pure water finally rises to the springs: S.Pellegrino water acquires its sparkling bubbles and signature “perlage”.

    Not only a celebration of water, the Design Special Edition successfully brings together very different worlds to tell a single story. Each of the Design Special Edition labels reflect the personal aesthetics and methods of the three designers, who come from different corners of the globe, and have vastly varied training, specialisations and methods. As diverse as they are, their creations mesh in perfect harmony with the heritage and contemporaneity of S.Pellegrino.

    "The Journey of Water" project is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover the story of the most famous water in the world.