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S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water Magnum bottle


S.Pellegrino brings exclusivity with the unique Magnum Bottle

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The Magnum bottle is the precious 1.5 l format of S.Pellegrino mineral water whose shape, size and stopper recall Champagne bottles. Designed for those who seek and appreciate fine dining, it is available in only the best hotels and restaurants. 

Whoever loves fine dining and fine food, seeks a total experience whenever he or she eats out: good food combined with the pleasure of excellent company, to be enjoyed in a unique and refined setting
Hence the choice of restaurant is never a random one; it will depend on the type of cuisine, the dishes recommended by the chef and the house menu, certainly, but it will also be conditioned by the atmosphere, the lighting, the service, the table setting and, of course, the mineral water served in the venue. 

For this reason S.Pellegrino has designed the prestigious Magnum bottle, to contain the essence of a premium mineral water, fit to stand on the most refined tables and to accompany dishes that are as unique and exclusive as itself.