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Café Society

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Each year photography, food and conviviality are celebrated all together by Australian photographers taking part to the S.Pellegrino Café Society Photography Competition.
​A creative idea from Australia, a competition that involves a number of selected cafés in Melbourne, Sydney and the students of Metropolitan Universities, with the aim of capturing through photos and a theme changing every year, the atmosphere of the Café Society. 

By this term we think about the charm of young intellectuals gathering in the cafés of NY, Paris, London or Vienna at the turn of the last century to discuss politics, art and other subjects.
What still remains of that time are the spirit of conviviality and the pleasure of the café ritual, which is still very much alive amongst young Australians. And when it comes to conviviality, there is nothing better than S.Pellegrino (water and Sparkling Fruit Beverages) and Acqua Panna, to be shared while chatting or reading the papers.