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S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018


S.Pellegrino Young Chef Grand Finale 2018 will take to the stage on 12 and 13 May in Milan

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UPDATE 14/05/2018: The wait is over - the winner of S.Pellegrino Young Chef has finally been crowned! Discover which rising star took home the honour of winning S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 and watch all the young chefs of the competition in the 4 live streaming episodes covering the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 Grand Finale: a true display of extraordinary passion, skill and determination of the new talents in the world of gastronomy

UPDATE 05/02/2018: Discover the line-up of the Seven Sages, the top jury of world-class chefs who will crown the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018.

We are pleased to announce that the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Grand Finale will take place on 12 and 13 May in Milan, Italy to coincide with the citywide celebration of food, Milan Food City Week.

We also take the opportunity to remind ourselves of the exciting journey the competing young chefs have ahead of them, including, and up until the climax of the global talent search for the best young chef in the world:

By the end of December 2017, all the worldwide regional local finals will have concluded, and the names of the 21 best young chefs in the world will be revealed.

These 21 talented young chefs will be the 2018 young chef finalists with the honour of representing their region on the world stage at the Grand Finale.

From December 2017 and the following months, up until May 2018, each of the young chefs will have time to collaborate with their nominated mentor chef.

Together, they will perfect the young chef’s signature dish (they can make improvements to the dish but not make any main ingredient changes), their plating and their presentation.

At the Grand Finale, the 21 young chefs will finally get the chance to put their newly honed skills to the test and face off in front of a wider global audience, including the world’s best chefs, peers and media.

In an intensely charged and memorable three-day event, career-changing moments will come to pass and lifelong friendships will be formed.

A jury of Seven Sages, world-renowned chefs, will assess each of the young chef’s carefully curated signature dishes according to the Golden Rules.

After deliberation and consultation, they will make a final decision and the best performing young chef will be crowned S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018, walking in the footsteps of the inaugural winner, Mark Moriarty, and last year’s winner Mitch Lienhard.