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GELINAZ San Francisco 2016 surprises and delights

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©Damien Maloney

Sponsored by S.Pellegrino the unique dining experience known as “Walk With Us” by GELINAZ! notched up its third sell-out novel food adventure in San Francisco, USA on 11 July.

With yet another star–studded night pushing the boundaries like no other in the culinary calendar, 80 expectant diners were treated to an eclectic night in the same spirit as the successful London and Sao Paulo events.

This time round the internationally famous collective of 16 chefs boasted names like Dominique Crenn (the World's Best Female Chef) and host, Corey Lee, along with other professional peers, including: Danny Bowien, Sean BrockGabriela Camara, Riccardo CamaniniPaul CunninghamChristopher KostowDaniel PattersonEvan Rich, Chad Robertson, Brandon RodgersJames SyhaboutJoshua SkenesPim Techamuanvivit and Blaine Wetzel.

GELINAZ San Francisco 2016

©Damien Maloney


The evening unfolded in Lee's creative downtown restaurants, Benu and In Situ – a convenient two minute walk apart for diners mobilising mid 16 course tasting menu to switch venues in the spirit of the mix–up of the night.

16 chefs split into two teams of eight and then smaller couples to feed 40 expectant diners across the two locations, with a menu consisting of two rounds of appetisers, a main course and a dessert. Each dish was re-mixed from the surprise ingredients du jour: tomato, egg, rice and peach.

As always, surprise and serendipity were the backbone of the night of chef ‘riffing’ and camaraderie, resulting in an unusual and memorable night for all