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S.Pellegrino et le projet collaboratif 120 ans - jeunes talents IED


S.Pellegrino Launches 120 Year Anniversary - IED Young Talents Collaboration Project

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UPDATE 30/10/2019: The digital exhibition by IED for S.Pellegrino’s 120 Year Anniversary is currently up and running on S.Pellegrino’s Instagram! Check it now and discover the amazing illustrations by the students of the design school for S.Pellegrino.

As the celebrations for S.Pellegrino’s 120 Year Anniversary continue all around the world, the brand is proud to announce the latest in occasion of this special year: a unique collaboration with Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) for S.Pellegrino’s 120th Anniversary.

Thanks to a select group of talented students from the prestigious design school, S.Pellegrino is reimagined into a series of illustrations that take you on a journey through the 120 year-old story of the brand. For this digital exhibition, the students were asked to prepare a set of three artworks, to be seen in a continuous row on S.Pellegrino’s Instagram wall, with each set playing out a different element of the brand’s story. The illustrations run across four broad themes:

Iconic Imagery
From S.Pellegrino’s unmistakable red star to its famous sparkling bubbles, to the classic bottle, the students have reimagined these iconic elements as seen through their eyes.

Food Experiences
The most precious moments in life almost always involve food, and where there is food, there is S.Pellegrino. The talented students of IED took this theme and explored these moments using their own visual language.

Core Values
Beauty, Flair, Passion, Togetherness, Authenticity… how can such values be interpreted visually? The young talents produced a series of illustrations that show us what they mean in the world of S.Pellegrino.

History & Heritage
The milestone of 120 years of S.Pellegrino was shown through images by the students, including the special diamond bottle that was created to celebrate the occasion.

About IED
IED was founded in Italy in 1966 and has several campuses across nine different cities. Each year thousands of students attend its design, fashion, visual communication and management courses that are held in its schools in Italy, Spain and Brazil.

The current project for S.Pellegrino involved select students from IED’s Milan and Turin campuses, collaborating with S.Pellegrino to create original illustrations for the iconic water brand.

This project will be launched on the 7th of October and run all throughout the month. Take the journey with us as we reveal day by day the special creations and the students behind each, exclusively on S.Pellegrino’s official Instagram Page.

Make sure to check back to see the entire digital exhibition, and also for all the latest developments in the brand’s 120 Year Anniversary celebrations.

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