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La nouvelle demeure de S.Pellegrino se profile


S.Pellegrino's new home is starting its journey

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September 27th was a historic day for S.Pellegrino as the first stone was laid of the highly-anticipated new Factory of the Future. The event kicked off with a morning conference for national press in the presence of prominent local authority representatives with speeches and talks by CEO of Sanpellegrino Federico Sarzi Braga,– the Danish award winning architect, Bjarke Ingels and Mayor of San Pellegrino Terme, Vittorio Millesi.

“Today we lay the first stone of the Future Factory that will officially launch us toward the future – stated Sarzi Braga a gem of design and innovation capable of attracting tourists from all over the world. The philosophy with which the new structure is created best represents the values of the brand and the commitment of the ‘Made in Italy’ ambassador company: telling about an extraordinary and non-relocatable asset like S.Pellegrino mineral water, generating value shared with the communities where we operate, improving the quality of work for our personnel.”

“At S.Pellegrino, we believe in ​​creating shared values and social responsibility”, added Sarzi Braga. “As part of this mindset, we focus on three key areas. The "factory of the future" should be a people-centred one, operating on a human scale and making its workers top priority. Alongside this key approach, we also want to ​​integrate a sense of territory by putting the surrounding community in the spotlight as well as new concepts of transportation. Because of this, the San Pellegrino Factory will be an extraordinary marketing tool. It will welcome guests through an open and inviting Visitor's Centre that celebrates the local area and its water resources, actively "immersing" visitors in Val Brembana's culture”.

The S.Pellegrino Future Factory bears the signature of BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) the internationally renowned architecture firm synonymous with excellence with over twenty impressive designs including but not limited to: VIA 57 West building in New York, the Serpentine Gallery in London, the Shanghai Expo Danish Pavilion.

The design of S.Pellegrino Future Factory was developed with contemporary lines, restyling the extant historical liberty tradition. It echoes the timeless dips and curves of the mountains and bridges that distinguish the evocative Brembana valley while smoothly integrating into the landscape to blur the lines between working space and Visitor Centre.

The vision of S.Pellegrino's new Factory of the Future revolves around design, innovation and production, with an immersive experience that will welcome visitors from all over the world.

The main element for S.Pellegrino is the complete immersion into the naturesaid Bjarke Ingels. “I think that someway you did notice that this is like a new and very contemporary addition to the Brembo Valley, that also feels someway as if has always been here. And I hope that is gonna feel the same for the next years”.

The project, which involves the territories of San Pellegrino Terme and Zogno, also comes about in the spirit of a virtuous relationship with the local communities with which the Sanpellegrino Group has always interacted by listening, supporting and cooperating.

“The initiative allows us to recover the history of S.Pellegrino spanning 120 years, which largely coincide with the finest historical period of our small town” said the Mayor of San Pellegrino Terme, Vittorio Millesi.

If we look back on the most recent years, the relationship between San Pellegrino Terme and S.Pellegrino is certainly positive and clearly focuses on the local region. For us, this fact was new and undoubtedly positive, underlined by this superb initiative for the restyling of the factory which is also destined to become a tourist attraction”.

The project, which is scheduled for completion by 2022, required a total investment of €90 million in civil works, systems for the production and logistics department, as well as for restyling and expansion of the factory.

How it all began

S.Pellegrino’s new home began its journey in 2016 when four of the world’s top architects pitched their ideas to build the Factory. BIG’s project covered all of the required criteria laid down by the selection process, complying with environmental sustainability as well as expressing a true artistic vision and enabling an ideal work environment.

The new factory will stand proudly among the changing seasons of the valley, starting a new chapter for the world’s most famous sparkling water which has been bottled there last 120 years. Don’t forget to keep your eye on development with updates from #SanPellegrinoNewHome to see the rise of S.Pellegrino’s impressive new home.