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Creating ultimate taste experiences

We focus on premiumness and taste in all our products, crafting the gifts of nature into tasteful experiences while never compromising on quality.

Life is richer when it’s lived with taste, and that is part of our goal of nurturing a life rich in experiences and enjoyment.

Creating tasteful experiences

Everything we create at Sanpellegrino begins with the gifts of nature: pure, perfectly balanced sparkling mineral water, and carefully selected Mediterranean fruits.
Then there’s our history, and our tradition of quality and craftsmanship, with over 125 years of experience exporting Italian refinement around the world.

Finally, our flair for interpreting new trends and creating new combinations ensures each Sanpellegrino creation is a unique taste experience, turning any dining or drinking occasion into a stylish and delightful moment.

Creating ultimate taste experiences launch

Promoting progress in global fine drinking and dining

Our dedication to taste goes beyond the taste experiences we offer through S.Pellegrino Carbonated Natural Mineral Water and Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling Drinks. We are also driven by the purpose of nurturing and promoting food and drink culture globally.

One way we do this is through Fine Dining Lovers, the magazine aimed at foodies and aficionados of culinary culture around the world. Launched in 2011, Fine Dining Lovers rapidly became a leading voice in global gastronomy, and it's a voice we use to promote sustainability, inclusivity and a life rich in experiences and enjoyment.