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Supporting the comunities
Supporting the comunities

Supporting the communities close to us

We are dedicated to the communities close to us. It's why we champion the talent of emerging chefs and support restaurants around the world. It's why we develop water regeneration projects near the S.Pellegrino water sources. And it's why we build strong relationships with farmers who produce the fruit we use. 

We nurture the future of gastronomy 

Today gastronomy has an impact that can be felt way beyond the kitchen, influencing social and environmental change. We are proud to be an active part of this movement, nurturing talent in the world of gastronomy, supporting its future, and promoting responsibility, sustainability and inclusivity in fine food culture. That's why we created the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition and, more recently, the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy. The Academy is an inspiring community that unites talented young chefs from around the world with senior figures in gastronomy to provide mentorship, education and networking opportunities.  

Always side by side with chefs, we demonstrate our solidarity through initiatives like the #SupportRestaurants movement in 2020, a tangible plan to provide relief in challenging times and help shape the future of the sector together.  

Our support to emerging chefs

We ensure water regeneration for local communities

We have committed to leading the regeneration of local water cycles to help create a positive water impact where we operate. This pledge goes beyond our own operations and aquifers and means we work with local communities and partners to enable local watersheds to capture more water than we use in our bottling operations.  

At S.Pellegrino in fact we are currently collaborating with public body Uniacqua to help improve the quality of mains water available for the local community. 

Water regeneration

We add sparkle for our citrus farmers 

Our goal is to sustain regenerative agricultural practices, working with the fruit farms to protect the health of the plants and support the local communities.  
Regenerative agriculture is a farming system centred around agronomic principles that aims to protect and restore natural resources: primarily soil, but also water and biodiversity.  
It also aims to improve soil health and soil fertility, at the same time as promoting the capture of carbon (i.e. greenhouse gas emissions) in soils and plant biomass. 

Orange fruit