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Protecting our sources

Dedication to building sustainable water resources and regenerative fruit farms.

At S.Pellegrino we take action to preserve the water sources and their natural environment which surrounds them. We are dedicated to the ongoing protection for the planet and future generations to come. Our commitment is to lead the regeneration of the local water cycle to help create a positive water impact everywhere we operate, enabling local watersheds to capture more water than we use in our bottling operations.

We act to preserve water purity

S.Pellegrino natural mineral water emerges from sources in the Italian Alps, pure and untouched by man, and is bottled directly at the source. We carry out around 600 quality tests every day, to ensure S.Pellegrino water always reaches your table with the same unmistakable taste and quality.

Water with drops

We are certified to the highest standards

Since 2020, the S.Pellegrino site in San Pellegrino Terme (near Bergamo, Italy) has been Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certified.

AWS is the internationally recognized standard for the sustainable management of water as a shared resource. It focuses on maintaining good water quality, ensuring the quantity of water extracted is sustainable, protecting critical areas in the water basin, and improving access to water and sanitation.

AWS is a benchmark for continuously improving the way we look after the natural resources that are so precious to us. 

We are certified to the highest standards

At the heart of our Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling Drinks are fresh fruit, the source of our authentic Mediterranean taste. Our goal is to sustain regenerative agricultural / farming practices, working with the fruit farmers to protect the health of the plants and support the local communities. 

Supporting farmers to safeguard the future of our fruit

The citrus fruits we use in our Italian Sparkling Drinks are all grown under the Mediterranean sun: the oranges for our Aranciata come exclusively from Sicily and Calabria, and the lemons for our Limonata from Sicilian citrus groves. We maintain strong relationships with the farms that supply them, where pruning and harvesting are carried out in such a way as to safeguard the health of the plant and the quality of the product.

We safeguard the future of our fruits

We support sustainable farming

We know how important it is to safeguard the environment and the local communities in which the iconic ingredients we use, grow. We are working with Carbonsink consultancy to analyse how regenerative farming could impact the supply chain for our citruses.

Regenerative agriculture is a farming system centred around agronomic principles that aims to protect and restore natural resources: primarily soil, but also water and biodiversity. It also aims to improve soil health and soil fertility, at the same time as promoting the capture of carbon (i.e. greenhouse gas emissions) in soils and plant biomass.

*Carbonsink, part of the group Southpole, is an international consultancy and advisory group specialising in decarbonisation and sustainability strategies for companies worldwide.

We support sustainable farming