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S.Pellegrino embraces the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge

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For many years, S.Pellegrino has also been distinguished by a commitment to protect precious water sources and to promote lifestyle choices that safeguard our planet. This commitment has kindled the desire, for example, to offset CO2 emissions in all activites by 2022. A goal pursued with determination, combined with the decision to address climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

This is why S.Pellegrino, together with the entire group to which it belongs, has chosen to participate in the “CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge”, launched by means of an open letter from Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci. The proposal is addressed to all companies operating in all lines of business, to implement a shared action plan in favour of the climate and the natural environment.

The request, therefore, is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to assume responsibility for all emissions, while compensating all remaining emissions pertaining to business activities and the entire supply chain with solutions aimed at preserving and restoring the natural environment.

"We have accepted this invitation with enthusiasm because we believe that the only way to address climate change, recover biodiversity and safeguard the planet is that of pooling our efforts to pursue the goal of reducing the emissions we generate,” announced Stefano Marini, CEO of the Sanpellegrino group, who went on to say “it is an act of responsibility towards our planet and towards future generations”.

The action steps taken by S.Pellegrino in favour of sustainability

The topic of sustainability and environmental protection is one of the founding values of S.Pellegrino, with its longstanding commitment to neutralize carbon emissions through reduction and compensation measures in essential areas such as production, packaging, logistics (LNG driven vehicles and an investment to reduce emissions by a further 6% within 2025) and natural capital.

The activities implemented in favour of sustainability and the environment, a topic that is particularly dear to the group, are extremely numerous. Of these, one that stands out is the immense project undertaken by Sanpellegrino to reduce energy consumption in its production plants: in fact, in the last 9 years, thanks to the use of electricity from renewable sources, CO2 emissions have been reduced by about 60%. Another essential aspect regards packaging materials, which are all 100% recyclable: Sanpellegrino is proud to be the first in Italy to have produced bottles entirely from recycled plastic.

Of no minor importance is the desire for responsible management of shared water resources, as demonstrated by the AWS (Alliance for Water Stewardship) certification of the plant which bottles our sparkling mineral waters with their fine perlage. This award has helped to support the company’s commitment and to pursue a shared, acknowledged, and sustainable management of local water resources and a quality standard with which we intend to certify all our plants. Our participation in the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge is therefore only the most recent our commitments aimed at addressing the important issue of climate change, a topic of fundamental importance, on a par with each of our own corporate values.