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S.Pellegrino fête ses 120 ans au Festival du film de Cannes


S.Pellegrino Celebrates 120 Years at Cannes Film Festival

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S.Pellegrino was once again the official partner of Cannes Film Festival, running its 72nd edition this year. The brand’s partnership with the Festival is a long-standing one, but this year, there was even more reason to celebrate as S.Pellegrino brought its exclusive 120 Year Anniversary festivities to Cannes.

On May 25, S.Pellegrino hosted its 120 Year Anniversary Dinner at the White House Cannes, among a host of international guests including internal company VIPs, industry clients, influencers and tastemakers. From Dubai to Italy, France to Ireland, they came from all over the world to meet for the very special occasion.

The latest in a series of curated events this year, the evening in Cannes treated its guests with a delicious four-course dinner thanks to partner Potel et Chabot, a leader in masterful gastronomic experiences since 1820.

With each course was the presentation of the different chapters of S.Pellegrino’s story: the beginnings of water, the founding of the brand in 1899, the evolution of an Italian icon recognized around the world, finishing off with the representation of diamonds, as seen in the special 120 Year Anniversary Limited Edition bottles.

Each dish, and hence each chapter, was marked by exclusive theatricals which included paper artworks created to capture the essence of S.Pellegrino’s 120 year history. With this unique experience, the lucky guests were taken on a journey of tasteful moments, celebrating fine food and Italian style that S.Pellegrino is renowned for all over the world.

Influencers and tastemakers present at the very special evening shared their experiences and memories on their social media channels. They were Tamara Kalinic (@tamara), Daniela Salcedo (@danielasalcedo22), Ana Beliza (@anabelizam), Matilda Shnurova (@matilda.shnurova), Jim Chapman (@jimchapman), Natalie Vertiz (@msperu), Federica Lai (@junesixtyfive), Paola Turani (@paolaturani) and Laura Comolli (@lauracomolli).

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