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S.Pellegrino Round Table Episode 3: Style

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S.Pellegrino has always believed that style and design have a strong impact on our experiences, in everyday life and on more special occasions. This conviction led to the iconic Vichy bottle, the many collaborations with prestigious Made in Italy brand leaders, and the Vogue Special Edition bottle just launched in Canada.

That is why this new S.Pellegrino Round Table is taking you to Montreal, Canada’s cultural capital, to explore the relationship between design and cooking.

Before settling in at the S.Pellegrino Round Table for a chat with a glass of S.Pellegrino mineral water and a tasty bite to eat, this episode’s protagonists will visit Zebulon Perron, a designer known for having collaborated with the city’s finest restaurants, and will meet a pro from the prestigious lighting design studio Lambert et Fils.

How can design inspire what goes on the plate? When we dine in a restaurant, how does that influence our experience of the style of the environment around us?

To find out, sit around the S.Pellegrino Round Table with Antonio Park, Riccardo Bertolini, Patrick St. Vincent, Victor Barry and Charles Antoine:

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