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Isd Momenti range

Sanpellegrino Italian Sparkling Drinks Momenti

The surprising mix of real fruit juices and sparkling bubbles in Momenti will brighten up your moments! Find the perfect amount of quality citrus and vibrant fruit juices in each can, available in four exciting flavours. Each can of Momenti contains less than 40 calories, with no artificial sweeteners. Find your new favourite go-to sparkling drink and discover the brighter, fun side of life with Momenti.

sanpellegrino pomegranate
Momenti Pomegranate & Blackcurrant

Life is made up of moments that stand out for one reason or another. Give those moments what they deserve with Momenti Pomegranate & Blackcurrant by Sanpellegrino!

Sanpellegrino Blood Orange & Orange Blossom
Momenti Blood Orange & Orange Blossom

With its colourful and intriguing mix of exciting flavours, Momenti Blood Orange & Orange Blossom is the low-calorie, high-sparkle way to enjoy a guilt-free break.

sanpellegrino clementine peache
Momenti Clementine & Peach

Create fun moments wherever you are with Momenti Clementine & Peach, a unique low-cal sparkling drink with vibrant flavours of real fruit juice from Sanpellegrino!

Sanpellegrino Lemon & Raspberry
Momenti Lemon & Raspberry

Whether it’s a mid-morning boost or an afternoon pick-me-up, to unwind or for a time-out, make every moment matter with Momenti Lemon & Raspberry by Sanpellegrino.