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Add a twist of indulgent coffee flavour

S.Pellegrino tempts you with a sophisticated new flavoured sparkling experience.
Discover the new range: Delicious Cocoa and Coffee Flavours, Exotic Vanilla and Coffee Flavours, Smooth Caramel and Coffee Flavours.

Original, indulgent blends

Treat yourself to indulgent coffee flavours with delicious aromas of cocoa, vanilla or caramel. A sparkling flavoured experience with zero calories whenever you feel like it.

A new way to sparkle

S.Pellegrino Essenza is carefully crafted with S.Pellegrino mineral water, famous for its gentle bubbles. Gently caffeinated and with zero calories for a sophisticated new sparkling flavoured experience.

Perfect for a tasty break

The ideal accompaniment for flavoursome casual snacks at any time of day, gently caffeinated and with zero calories, S.Pellegrino Essenza with Indulgent Coffee Flavours offers a new twist for your tasty breaks.

Add a twist of fruit flavour

Discover S.Pellegrino Essenza with a creative blend of Mediterranean fruit flavours!