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S.Pellegrino chooses to celebrate the water resources and the importance of high-quality hydration, by making a video dedicated to the water of excellence: natural mineral water. The video The unique journey of natural mineral water was launched with a tridimensional experience at the Piazzetta Acqua S.Pellegrino in occasion of Expo 2015, that took place in Milano.

We are often accustomed to seeing a S.Pellegrino bottle on the tables of the best restaurants in the world, but throughout this immersive video, we now have the possibility to find out about its origins, its 30- year underground journey, and its richness.We have the possibility to discover a real miracle of nature: the birth of natural mineral water.

In this video, S.Pellegrino tells the unique story of an incredible journey. A journey that is also the story of Italian excellence, in art, culture and beauty.
A journey throughout time that reaches the contemporary world where the values of Italian life – sharing, authenticity and passion are brought to the table. Naturally, always accompanied by S.Pellegrino water. 


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