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Fine living amongst the beauty of cloisters and courtyards

The natural style that Italians possess is, at least in part, due to the fact that they live life surrounded by beauty: some cloisters, porticos and courtyards in Italian cities are veritable works of public art.

Since the time of ancient Rome, porticos, cloisters and courtyards have been identified with the beating heart of the city: social venues dedicated to what can certainly be defined as fine living, Italian style.

In the shelter of porticos, you can take a stroll hand in hand, in your home's courtyard you can stop to have a chat with the neighbors, have a last-minute dinner with friends, or take part in a social event organized inside of the cloisters.

fine living? Live Italian!

Italian style is naturally elegant

To understand just how much these places are rooted in everyday life and in the Italian way of conceiving it, just consider that in many cities there are kilometers and kilometers of porticos, some even painted by great artists. 
There are 38 in Bologna, 18 in Turin and 12 in Padua. It is no wonder, then, that Italian style is naturally elegant and permeated by the pleasure of being together, as well as the true art of living in Italian.


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