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Bringing a little green to the city

Italians love gardens and vegetable gardens, and have had a green thumb at least since the Renaissance.

In fact, one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites in Italy is the botanical garden in Padua, which was created in 1545.

Even Italians living in the city have not given up this passion that is a true Italian icon, and many of them grow herbs and small vegetables.

Garden work hobby in city life

Herbs and vegetables can replace flowers and compete with them in beauty, both in outdoor areas and even in the home.
There are techniques that can be suitable for all spaces. If terracotta pots work best for those with a balcony or terrace, there are ways to create a vertical garden that seem to be true design installations, suitable for those with limited space.

Make home-grown ingredients with gardening

In addition, gardening is a relaxing hobby that can help you to take a break from the stresses of life in a big city, as well as a way to use home-grown ingredients when presenting a dish to be shared together.


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