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Let's go to the cinema in italian style

Cinema is an Italian Style entertainment: made of passion and shared enjoyment. It is an experience to be savoured in thousands of different ways; for this reason, each one of us, has his own special personal relationship with the cinema, his ritualistic gestures and favourite stars, just like S.Pellegrino.

Cinema in Italian Style

Cinema lovers are not content just to choose a film and watch it; they love festivals and are always on the lookout for a unique cinema complex: ultra-technological, designed by an starchitect or with some special story to recount. For such individuals, the cinema is quite simply a fine living experience, one in which each and every detail is a pleasure to be savoured

Then there are those who love to experiment, those for whom a cinema experience is not sufficient on its own; the viewing of a film has to be part of a special evening, possibly theme-based and held in an equally special location.

Cinema: an Italian Passion

An evening out at the cinema, however, is above all an experience that typifies the Italian style and whose real purpose is to enjoy the company of others. 

In fact, very often, cinema-going is an opportunity to meet up with friends and eat out, or to stop off at club for a chat. This is an on-the-go occasion and it is always a good idea to have a 500 cl bottle of S.Pellegrino mineral water with you.


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