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The Culture of the fine living

To cultivate an awareness of life’s pleasures, whatever the occasion, to appreciate beauty and share it with others: this is the Fine Living concept that S.Pellegrino sparkling mineral water sets out to represent by being an icon of the art of living in Italian.

The Christmas season, in particular, is all about sharing a carefully set table, greetings cards, wrapped gifts and the warm welcoming atmosphere of the fairy lights used to decorate gardens, streets and shop windows.

Christmas decorations: details of fine living

Strolling arm in arm through the brightly illuminated streets, our admiring gaze goes to the rows of fairy lights outlining the shapes of the buildings and the modern LEDs that create fascinating plays of light or we surrender to the charm of snowflakes and luminous stars suspended like lanterns.

Christmas decorations: fine living at home

When we decorate the home to welcome friends, the winning ploy is to tastefully meld tradition with attention to detail, which is what the Italian style is all about.
Everything seems to be effortless, yet nothing is left to chance: from the garland hung on the front door to welcome to a beautifully set table and the choice of accessories, up to the moment when the various courses are served.


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