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The Perfect Host: A Taste of Italy

"A Taste of Italy" is the latest release of S.Pellegrino and Fine Dining Lovers’ app "The Perfect Host", for iPhone and iPad. It is the fourth update of the app that helps foodies create great Italian-style dining experiences at home, providing not only recipes but a whole set of suggestions about the creation of menus, setting and decor ideas, plus tips and tricks on how to manage time and make the guests happy, relaxed and ready to enjoy a true fine dining experience.

The app also provides a geo-targeted map with addresses of several shops for buying the suggested products, wines and objects in London.

Following the previous releases “Italian Dinner”, “A Theo Randall Dinner” and “Christmas Dinner”, “A Taste of Italy” features three complete regional Italian menus from Piedmont, Tuscany and Sicily, and many ideas on how to prepare a dinner like Italians do.

Click here to download the app The Perfect Host by S.Pellegrino and Fine Dining Lovers.


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